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Tower of Chocolate fountain
Dessert Buffet with Fruits & Cheeses
Mr & Mrs Ryan Wallace 10-18-2008
Dessert Buffet at Wallace/Bell Wedding
Ken and guests in Fred & Paula Tirocchi's Gardens
Becky Bell - Mother of the Bride & Guests
Wallace's Miniature Wedding Cake & Bloom's Bouquet
Ken Bell - Father of the Beautiful Bride!
Ryan & Brittany Wallace 10-18/2008
A bite of wedding cake!
Snook Wedding
Wedding Cake
Wedding Buffet
Wedding Beverage Station
Ami & Shaun's Guest Tables
Celebration's LA Water Goblets
Beverage Station at Ami & Shaun's Wedding
Outdoor Summer Wedding Menu - Cool and Refreshing
Dancing & Dining Under the Stars
Ami & Shaun's Wedding
Fischer/Strother's Wedding at Wilson's Vineyard
Ober/Rundle Wedding
Aisle at Ober/Rundle Wedding
Table Setting
Paul & Danielle Rundle
Freeport Wedding Cake at Rundle Wedding
Wedding at the Miller Estate
Beverage Station at Miller Estate
Shot Glass Prawns
Guest Seating at Miller Estate
Bridal Party & Guests
Fischer/Strother's Wedding Buffet
Fischer/Strother's Wedding Buffet
Fischer/Strother's Wedding Buffet
Matt & Heather Fischer - June 2008
Wahl Wedding at the Blue Goose, Loomis CA
Amy at wedding buffet - Blue Goose, Loomis CA
Gabe & Amy Wahl 10-10-2008
Gabe & Amy Wahl Wedding at Blue Goose
Bridal Shower
Room Decor
Bridal Shower Place Settings
Bridal Shower